Moon Day March 27th 2017

Good morning, Rogue Ashtangis!

I hope that you are enjoying a few more hours of sleep today. Today we observe the New Moon, and it just happens to fall on Monday (the Day of the Moon).  New Moons are ideal times to start new projects, plan for new ventures, and reflect upon how we can move forward more mindfully, more compassionately, and more courageously.

I love practicing Ashtanga in the Mysore method because it emphasizes the close observation of the phases of the moon, and encourages us to set our own internal clocks into a natural, cyclical rhythm with the rest of the world.  The digital pace of life continues to accelerate, propelling us into a relentless pursuit of greater speed, greater efficiency, and greater novelty.   Yet, nature goes through cycles of growth and decay, blossoming and dying, of frugality and excess.  Nature is wild.  So are we.

From now until April 11th when the moon turns full again (called the Pink Moon), the moon will steadily increase its orb from complete darkness to complete brilliance.  The next full moon also marks the commencement of the celebrations for Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, after whom the full splits are named.

Now is a good time to learn the Moon Sequence, to put more energy into making progress in difficult postures or in your meditation practice. Now is a good time to grow past your limits, to question your  limitations.  Now is a good time to be wild, to explore, to be courageous.

Stay wild, moon child =-)

starry night 2