Wednesday January 11, 2017: Full Moon

Today is a full moon.  In Ashtanga yoga, we do not practice on days when the moon is completely full or completely new. This has to do with the effects of the moon on the human body and psyche.  

The usual line of thought is that, during a full moon, we are more aggresssive,  more assertive, more headstrong, and more energized.  It is generally held that ERs, maternity wards, and insane asylums (no relation between the three!) experience greater activity than normal during a full moon.  On a personal level, as I have observed the lunar cycles syncing up with my own life for many years, I can tend to be more energized and pushy during the full moon.  I sleep more fitfully, and have strange dreams.  I also may work on harder postures in a more sustained manner (longer holds, more repetitions, or repeating karandavasana). 

Although the full moon is generally associated with a more dynamic and assertive energy, it can also be associated with a feeling of exhaustion and enervation due to hard work.  Therefore, it is equally important during this time to take rest, to relax and to remain grounded whenever we feel the headstrong urge to push forward on some project.  Can you find the dark side of the full moon?

So, in short, take rest tomorrow!  See you in practice on Thursday.