Rexx is my favorite because he is so hilarious. I have never laughed that much during a yoga class!


My favorite so far has been Rexx’s Ashtanga Primary Series. It is challenging, empowering, and a hell of a workout. I really appreciate Rexx’s leading style in this class: he challenges everyone to build upon their practice, and at the same time, adds a great sense of humor to the class that puts me at ease and enhances the class for me.


Initial concerns aside, Buddha B is an excellent studio.  This was easily the best yoga instructor I have ever had and it’s not even close.  Seriously, if you ever have a chance to take a class from Rexx Anthony, just do it.  Rexx was very down-to-earth, extraordinarily knowledgeable, genuinely funny, and has a teaching method that actually works even for beginner level students like myself.  If you happen to take his class during Moon Sequence (Chandra Krama), you are in luck.  He’s one of ten teachers in the entire United States that can teach the class, and after attending the Moon Sequence, I think the yoga light finally turned from yellow to green for me.


Rexx is super-experienced.


Rex has a very funny sense of humor and is quite engaging before class.


“Rexx is a very kind and attentive teacher. I appreciate his disciplined and yet playful approach to ashtanga yoga. Aside from being an ashtanga history buff, Rexx is very knowledgeable about the mechanics of each pose and always knows how to modify the practice just for you.”


I have taken many classes & some workshops from Rexx, and he was one of the 3 teachers I was so grateful to be able to learn from in my teacher training program.  I was instantly drawn to his teaching style, calm demeanor, and knowledge of the practice.  I highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to practice with Rexx.